exfoliatingGrains.jpgRevitalize Cleansing Grains

This all-purpose facial cleanser covers all the bases.  Dry skin? Oily skin? Irritated skin? Mature skin? No problem.  Just add water, honey, yogurt, cream, olive oil, or hydrosol, and use as a daily cleanser or a mask.  Kaolin clay draws out impurities, cornmeal exfoliates, gluten-free oat flour and rice flour soothe and hydrate, and lavender powder heals and calms.

Water is the most readilly available source for mixing these cleansing grains into a paste.    

Honey is a natural moisturizer and antiseptic, making it great for all skin types, especially acne-prone or irritated skin.

Yogurt and cream are full of lactic acid that helps moisturize, smooth, and balance skin tone making it great for dry, acne-prone, mature, sunburned, or unevenly pigmented skin.  Note that lactic acid naturally lightens the skin, so darker skin tones may prefer honey or olive oil as an alternative.

Olive Oil is a great natural cleanser.  Like removes like, and in this way though it sounds counter-intuitive olive oil removes dirt and oil from the skin.  It may even alleviate the need for moisturizer.

Hydrosols are floral waters that are distilled from the essential oil of various plants.  Plants contain different healing properties; lavender is great for oily or irritated skin, geranium balances both dry and oily skin, chamomile is gentle enough for sensitive and dry skin, and rose helps regenerate skin cells making it ideal for mature and dry skin.  

Kaolin clay, gluten-free oat flour*, rice flour*, lavender powder*, cornmeal*.
*Certified Organic.