Kitchen_Scrub.jpgKitchen Scrub

If you've ever made pie crust or mashed guacamole with your hands you know you need a tough soap in the kitchen that combats your domestic warrior but doesn't suck all the moisture out of your hands. This soap doubles in the shower, gently exfoliating and removing dull/dead winter skin. We owe our thanks to the ground coffee beans.

Water, sapponified oils (Olive*, Coconut*, unrefined Shea Butter*, Hemp Seed*, Castor*), ground coffee beans, vegan coffee fragrance oil*.
*Certified Organic.

Note: Due to the use of coffee fragrance oil, this soap will no longer be made when I run out of my current supply. While many soaps contain fragrance oils, I am committed to using all natural and non-synthetic ingredients. I am also committed to reducing waste so I will use up my limited supply of fragrance oils, but these products will no longer be available when my supply is gone. I will continue to make a Kichen Scrub soap with pure essential oils.